My new iPhone 5/6 display does not work.

Does the new display show stripes or other artifacts? 

Sometimes, static charges are being transferred to the connectors while the new iPhone 5 display is being installed. This can lead to some strange phenomena.

If statically charged after a repair attempt, the new display may not work correctly or will show distorted screen stripes after the installation. Another reason for the malfunction can be that the connectors got loose when closing the iPhone. They have to be locked in place very precisely. 

Please try and install the display again. If possible, wear an anti-static wrist strap and ground yourself to avoid the transfer of static charges. Also, please make sure to properly plug in the connectors. You can test the display without closing the iPhone to see if it works (just the home button will not work).

If there are still some display errors, please contact us and send us a photo of the distorted screen and the cables if you can.