My new iPhone battery does not work properly.

You bought a new iPhone battery and the capacity is not like it is supposed to be or your iPhone behaves strangely after the swap?

At first we would recommend to perform a hard-reset: 
Hold down the power and home button until it shuts off (ignoring the ’slide to power off’ hint) and keep it pressed until the logo appears. 
After that the battery should be reset and calibrated.

Another procedure to get the battery to work as it should is to perform a full load cycle: 
  • Use the iPhone until it shuts off itself, due to low battery (the battery should go down to 1% before the phone shuts off). 

    Here is what you need to do if your iPhone shuts down too early (like at 20-30%): 

    connect the phone to a charger for just a minute or 2, or wait 15 minutes, then reboot the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP until the Apple logo appears).
  • After the phone shuts down, leave the phone sitting 6-8 hours (or overnight) without charging it.
  • After that connect the phone to a charger and charge it back up without interruption to a full charge of 100%. 

  • Leave the phone connected to the charger for 1-2 more hours AFTER your reach 100%. 
  • Reset your iPhone once more (see above)

If this procedure should not prove successful in your case, please contact us by providing your order number and we will see how to fix that problem.