Why is iFixit more expensive than others?

We know there is quite a big difference between our prices and those of other shops. But there are also some good reasons for that.
We test our products directly at the place of production. Some iFixit techs test each product for things like the thickness, that there are no scratches, a working touch screen, all cables, etc. So when the products leave the manufacturing site they are fully functional. Still something can happen on its way to our warehouse in Germany, in the warehouse itself during packing or on its way to you.
This is why we offer lifetime warranty on most of our products. You can always rely on our support team if you have a problem with one of our parts. If it's not clearly your fault (ripping of cables, working without ESD-safety, etc.) we will offer you a replacement display or even a full refund if you are not satisfied. Additionally you can ask us if you have problems during the repair and we will do what we can to help you fix your gadgets.
That leads to the guides we offer for free on our website. To be able to make those guides we have to buy the products, tear them down, take pictures and write the guides. We already started translating lots of guides in German, and we will start to translate them in French this year, to make it easier for our foreign customers to repair their devices.

I hope you understand now that with your purchase you help to keep electronic waste out of landfills. And not just your product, but all products that are repaired with our guides and tools. 

So thank you for making this possible and being a part of our community. 
Together we can repair Europe.